June 11, 2013

You’ll never be bored with ‘Bitsboard’…..

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June 11, 2013

Time for an update on a great app from Grasshopperapps.com.  Back in November, I posted about Bitsboard.  There are now even more games and features in this app, and even a low-cost pro version, priced at $2.99.

Within Bitsboard and Bitsboard Pro you can create custom flashcard sets aka ‘boards’, or download them already created from the vast online catalog.  There are now over ten different learning games you can experience with each board:

  • Flashcards (scroll through images or ‘bits’ one at a time along with an option to record your own voice saying the word)
  • Explore (see many thumbnail images to easily choose one image up close)
  • Photo Touch (identify correct image from a field of 2, 3, 4 and more)
  • True or False (choose true or false based on picture label)
  • Match Up (drag and match picture to printed word)
  • Pop Quiz (multiple choice)
  • Word Builder Part 1 (spell with letter tiles)
  • Word Builder Part 2 (build sentences with word tiles)
  • Spelling Bee (practice spelling and typing with built-in qwerty keyboard)
  • Reader (touch correct picture below printed word)
  • Genius (random play mode of all games)

Within Bitsboard, you can share customized boards and learning lessons so that you can easily access them from multiple devices.  With the Pro version, you can also track data for multiple users.  The app developer also has a comprehensive getting started guide.


See also this recent app review by ClassroomSmart:

Create custom content for any level user. You’ll never be bored with Bitsboard.


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