February 8, 2015

For the LOVE of CORE Day 7: Check THIS Pinterest Page

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February 7, 2014

Do you Pinterest?  Do you use those ‘Pin This’ buttons when browsing the internet?  There is a Pinterest that should be of most interest to you if AAC, Assistive Technology, iOS apps and more ring your bell. With more than 150 boards, 17,000 pins and nearly 25,000 followers, the Pinterest page of Lauren S. Enders MA, CCC-SLP is a treasure trove of quick links to all kinds of important and interesting information for working with AAC and Assistive Technology.   Lauren is a SLP, AAC and AT consultant from Pennsylvania.  I was blessed to have heard her speak at ATIA 2014 for ideas on infusing core vocabulary across the curriculum.



Of course with this current blog series “For the LOVE of CORE”,  take a look at the board called AAC: Vocabulary Selection Supports/Core VocabularyWith over 140 pins of core vocabulary resources, some of my favorites are:

The Language Stealers

The Language Stealers is a short video demonstrating the importance of core words for those who use AAC.


DLM “First 40” words for AAC users

This grid of 40 core vocabulary words from Dynamic Learning Maps is an extension of DLM work in relation to the Common Core Essential Elements and alternative assessment for students with disabilities. The “First 40” is a helpful list to reference and focus on when establishing AAC systems for emergent communicators and when trying to target the modeling and use of more core words in existing AAC systems.  I blogged about “Autism, Special Needs and the Common Core” in a previous post.


SNUG Video

This AssistiveWare training video on Autism and AAC features the work of AAC specialist Joanne Cafiero PhD.   In the video she highlights the SNUG acronym, a ultimate goal for any AAC user:  Spontaneous Novel Utterance Generation.


Keep Calm and Say a lot with Core Words

I love this meme and the resources here!  A great post again from PrAACtical AAC with a yearly round-up of many blog posts to help with core word instruction and implementation.


The pins above are just a snippet of the great resources on Lauren Ender’s Pinterest Page.  Thank you so much Lauren for all of your resources and insights! and keep on pinning!


“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” ~Jeremiah 29:11.

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